Vacation Aftermath: Fails Included.

So, as promised, I would be remiss not to take a peek at the things I think I did poorly/well on vacay and look at the possible implications for other busy times. I’ll start with major fails.

1. I ate some of this:

A "chocolate bag."

This is a chocolate bag. It is a bag. Made of chocolate. It is filled with custard and berries that I doubt count as a serving of fruit. I did split it 4 ways, but still. A chocolate bag.

2. I also ate some indulgent meals, including this delish piece of pizza which was roughly the size of my torso from D’Bronx in Kansas City:

Not pictured: Willpower.

I only had one and I ate it slowly, but this should give some idea of the vacation foods that found their way into my repertoire. This is like a 2-day period.

3. I drank some Diet Cokes (mostly at movies, but I realized when I said we hardly ever see movies I was definitely delusional as we saw about 4). I also had a few cups of coffee (2, to be exact) because my mom buys the good stuff and I LOVE COFFEE.

4. HFCS. Just whoa. This is way too hard while traveling, even with access to a kitchen. It’s in everything. I’d like to say I tried to limit it, but if I did it was in the most round-about and incidental ways possible, like trying to eat non-processed foods when I could.

5. I did get a little exercise-lazy. Yeah, we walked, but none of it felt particularly strenuous. I did wrestle Louie out of bed for exercise time some mornings, but equally as many times, we made excuses. A day guest pass to my mom’s gym is 15 dollars! PER PERSON. I know. If we had gone every day for the 2 weeks we were home, it would have been $210.00. There are worse ways to spend that, but whoa.

6. I did hit the Wendy’s to bust a hangover and followed that up with a chili dog. I also did a lot of late-night nomming when we were out drinking. I’m going to need to get the drunk-eating in check.

Major successes?

1. I DIDN’T SMOKE. Not one time. Not even when other people were around me. Not even when I drank. This confirms my suspicion that I needed to be ready to quit, but once I was ready that could do it. I am not saying it wasn’t hard. It was totally hard. It was not, however, impossible, and if I got through that I think I can get through anything.

2. I mostly switched to water and iced tea. I know that iced tea is questionable on the caffeine thing, but it’s better than all that artificial sugar that makes me so hungry. I think I can make Diet Coke and coffee special occasion treats that only come around maybe once a week at the most. I’m proud of that because it’s a DRAMATIC decrease in my consumption of both.

3. I moderated many of my restaurant meals. Louie and I split entrees and ordered veggie-packed salads with no cheese and dressing on the side to fill up before digging into less-healthy entrees. I did feel like a tool, but you can’t argue with feeling full and content but not ready to go into a coma after dinner. I also enjoyed wine, but I traded some good glasses of wine for the bread plate and dessert and only had one of the three.

4. I drank a lot of water and made sure to keep hydrated so I didn’t just mistake thirst for hunger.

5. We started a walking habit. We’ll see how that goes.

6. We ate a few healthy meals whenever we had control, like veggie scrambles for breakfast (protein and veggies!):

Magically delicious.

So I’m home, and … I’ve definitely had worse vacations for my health. I think we did do a few key things that cut down on the unhealthy vacation behaviors that we usually indulge in. This had an impact. My shorts are looser than when I left. I was energized enough to wake up yesterday and do stuff. I definitely feel nothing like the sore-joints, mood-swing zombie that left debate camp. I’m more even tempered. It might be a placebo, but it’s a damn good one.




About laurencleansup

I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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