Vacation Update: Mexican, Movies, and Tapas.

What up, Internet. So, I did go to the gym last night. It was good — I did the elliptical for an hour then cooled down on the treadmill. I rediscovered my love for working out to Robyn, whose music is just as badass now as it was when I was in college.

Conclusion # 1 — I am out of shape and this exercise thing is dire. I am sore from one hour on the elliptical, people. Whoa. But it’s a good sore and I like how I feel today. More exercise is in my future.

Conclusion # 2 — I need to figure out this strength training thing. I’ll rip a workout out of Self and try it because I just did cardio yesterday and I need to firm up.

So, I tackled my arch-nemesis yesterday: Mexican food. When Louie suggested Mexican food, I was like yikes. I love Mexican food an unhealthy amount. I love salsa, cheese, refried beans, chips, the whole deal. I didn’t know if my weak-willed soul was ready, especially after the gym (I get hungry after working out) and especially after I had cashed in a lot of willpower at lunch. I could just feel the thoughts creeping in: “You worked out!” “You ate healthy earlier today!” I always ruin any healthy eating plan with feelings of entitlement and deserving it. Here’s why I think I was so successful (because I consider this Mexican restaurant foray a huge success):

1. On the advice of Louie’s mom and sister, I ordered the naked burrito (it was burrito Thursday, so it was a deal!). It was lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, whole beans, and I think a little bit of parmesan cheese. It was a lot of good protein and veggies and plenty filling. I got the Mexican flavor without ordering my cheese-filled rich favorite with refried beans: the chicken sour cream enchilada (which I love, but I can’t do in moderation.) I also saved money.

2. I ate enough chips to feel like I’d had some but stopped before it even made a dent in my hunger. Because they are an APPETIZER. I used to just NOM chips until I was practically full when my food came and then eat all my food, too. I had five chips broken into pieces with salsa and one dipped in queso. I stopped way before the food came and was just like, that’s enough, you have more food coming in a minute. Yes, I could have skipped the chips, but … better, not perfect.

3. I drank water, not a margarita.

I didn’t get a picture, but I had plenty of my burrito/salad hybrid left over that I took it home and ate it with some scrambled eggs and peppers for breakfast. I DO have a picture of that:

Breakfast Eggs

Having leftovers? Solid.

So, I’m pretty jazzed about it because instead of eating all of my dinner, I ate a reasonable amount, was full but not stuffed, and had enough to finish it for breakfast. Louie and I split that! It really drove home just how much food restaurants GIVE you. I ate that dinner for two meals and split one of them and was full. I need to start bringing home a portion; that way, if I want it later, I can have it so I don’t feel deprived but I don’t need to eat it all right there.

I’ve also been snacking on this:


Farmer's market melon!

That said, we also went to the movies last night. I also planned the same as I did last time: three handfuls of popcorn and a little Diet Coke. I may need to re-think movies as a special occasion, though, because we’ve been going so often.

Tonight I think we’re going to get Tapas at this place in Kansas City. I’ll post pictures and hopefully eat in moderation/healthfully. I’ll try to figure out what lessons I can take from this later, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been planning and being mindful, even up to tackling some of the foods I don’t do a good job with.


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I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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