Moderation Success?

So, on the way home my fiance insisted we visit one of his fave bars from grad school. I had been there before and it’s actually really fun. The food, however, is enough to give you a heart attack. Mostly burgers. I love burgers. One in particular that my fiance also loves, the Fernando, is totally delish — blue cheese, jalapenos, and it comes with these giant awesome fries. Now, I knew I was in NO position to eat that. As a matter of fact, I knew if I ordered it I’d finish the whole thing, (portion control is not a strong suit. Just seeing cookie dough makes me nervous) I would feel bloated and sluggish and like I’d had a setback. I’m working on the guilt thing. It’s a process.

I think I handled it well. For starters, I ordered this:

Lunch Salad

Mmmm... salad-y.

This delicious lunch salad. I was a little crabby that I had to be all healthy, so I’m not going to pretend I was prancing around joyfully. I also always feel like a tool ordering something “no cheese, dressing on the side.” But it was good, I mean … the chicken had filling protein and the veggies filled me up the rest of the way. The balsamic dressing was good (I still can’t bring myself to just like, dip my fork in it … I poured about half over the salad.) I had skipped breakfast so I ate it a little bit fast. I need to start carrying HFCS-free dressing because this stuff I honestly have no idea but it was really sweet so I can only assume the worst.

Also, I had some fries and a few big bites of this monster:

The Fernando

The illustrious Fernando.


Yeah, check out that burger. The fries were good, too. That said, I think I did a couple things poorly and a couple things well. We’ll start with the poorly:

1. I NEED to start carrying my own dressing if I’m gonna order salads. It’s a sugar bomb and I do not need the sugar. Sugar makes me hungry. You won’t like me when I’m hungry.

2. I skipped breakfast so I could eat more at lunch, as I said. I need to STOP this. I should have eaten breakfast so I could have eaten lunch much more slowly and mindfully instead of inhaling it. Skipping meals sucks. I should have known better and eaten a light breakfast so I wouldn’t be crabby and craving crap.

3. I need to stop looking at eating healthy as deprivation, but as an opportunity to feel better about myself and to feel physically better.

Things I Did Well:

1. I didn’t order and eat the whole burger myself. Which is a big victory. Huge, in fact, especially considering my hungry and grumpy state. I didn’t even eat like half of it. And I only had three fries, which is big because fries are my weakness.

2. I got the salad, and I got it without cheese (because really, I was going to have some of the burger, which is covered in blue cheese).

3. I got dressing on the side and I did not USE all of it, thus defeating the purpose of getting it on the side.

4. I didn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. I did better and I still enjoyed a few bites of something I really wanted in moderation.

AND … I’m going to the gym, now! With Louie’s mom! When she asked I initially said no because I was tired and because I was trying to finish this post and … well the irony of blogging about trying to be healthy as an excuse not to go to the gym kind of hit me over the head and I was like, wow. No.

So you won’t be reading a post later about me bitching about not having the time to exercise because I made that time right now. Boom.

4. I drank water and LOTS of it


About laurencleansup

I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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One Response to Moderation Success?

  1. Coach Lee says:

    Honestly impressive, you got some mean willpower because that burger looks tasty =). Also way cool about hitting the gym, sounds like you had quite the productive/healthy day! cheers!

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