Leaving the Lake: Lessons

So, phase one of our Big Summer Trip Home is complete! We’re all packed and almost all showered, ready to head back home soon. I wanted to make a quick post about the things I learned living at the Lake House that made it such a relaxed, healthy time for me so I can implement them in real life.

1. Walking where you need to go is great. I know that our town in Texas is not really set up for walking places, but I am going to make an effort to park further away. I used to risk life and limb (okay, so maybe just parking tickets) to park as close to my office as possible. I’m not doing that anymore. When exercising, even a little bit, is a part of my life I feel less sluggish and more energized.

2. Farmer’s markets are awesome. We ate such high-quality produce that it didn’t feel like eating that flavorless, rock-hard genetically modified crap that supermarkets carry. I’m going to make an effort to buy what is in season and eat THAT. I don’t think I ever hated vegetables or fruits, but I did hate the ones that were bred to last a long time and taste terrible.

3. Reading a book at night is a great way to relax. I always have my face in a computer or a TV, but I feel good reading before bed. It gives my mind time to shut off and I sleep better. This, combined with my decreased caffeine intake = GREAT nights’ sleep.

4. The SUN! I always feel great when I have a chance to go outside and be in the sun. I always leave in a great mood, and it’s not like being outside is only something I can do here. Unwinding on our porch at the end of the day with a glass of wine is something I can do at home. I can also relax outside with a book on weekend mornings.

5. I hate to say this because one of the great loves of my life is TV and that probably won’t change (I HBOGo’d True Blood like 10 minutes after the episode was posted on Sunday night). However, not having a TV for anything but movies up here was good, I think. Maybe for my next three week rule goal I could make a goal of decreasing TV time spent just watching crap . . . like the two hours of Rattlesnake Republic I watched the other day. I can at least see if it’s worth it. At least I’ll stop sleeping with the TV on.

6. Walking on hills. I should do it at home. It’s challenging but utterly do-able and felt better than my typical walking workout. Score.

So, hopefully this helps me formulate my new goals. It’s been one week without a cigarette or a coffee, with minimal HFCS and I must say I feel better. Here’s to that — see you in KC!


About laurencleansup

I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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One Response to Leaving the Lake: Lessons

  1. Coach Lee says:

    Congrats on the week clean of cigs! Getting some sun is prob one of the best things that you’re doing for yourself, im sure you’ve heard about all the benefits but when you get sun you are producing the hormone melatonin and it will in turn help you relax and get sleepy when it’s time to go to bed and quality rest is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself when your active and healthy like yourself =). Cheers and good job again!

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