Detox update: More energy, better mood.

So, this is day 3-4 of my post-debate camp detox (limit caffeine and HFCS, eat more whole foods, no smoking) and I’m already noticing some positive changes and some challenges.

Disclaimer: 100% of this could probably be attributed to either the placebo effect or to getting more sleep/going out less. But whatever. Let me think I’m a health genius.


1. I have a ton of energy. I didn’t even take an afternoon nap today and I had planned on one. I didn’t need it. I also woke up this morning and exited my daze rather quickly (for me) to have a productive afternoon.

2. I’m in a good mood. Coffee overload sometimes makes me snap at people, so I lost that. I’m also not battling gross sore throat from nicotine or spending every moment annoyed that I’m not outside smoking/stressed that the kids at camp will SEE me outside smoking/smell smoke on me. Finally, I’m not creaky-joints dehydrated, which probably helps.

3. I’m not so HUNGRY. Like, when I was eating a bunch of junk my blood sugar must have been roller-coaster-ing because I was hungry all the time. I was hungry right after I ate. I could hardly make it through 2 hours without wanting to nom things. I would sneak vending machine chips. Lunch salads with chicken get me through to dinner like it’s no thing.


1. I still feel a reflexive urge to smoke cigarettes when I’m outside. It just feels like I should be. I walked about 20 minutes from my car to teach today and not having a cigarette along for the ride felt like I was cheating myself out of my pre-teaching relaxer.

2. I still crave sweeter, saltier things. I hope my taste buds re-orient eventually, but damned if a giant slice of pizza doesn’t sound so so so delicious right now in a way that a slice of green pepper does not. I have to stop writing about it. It’s killing my feel-good vibe.

3. I miss feeling zippy. I have a lot of energy, yes, but it’s not that manic, take-over-the-world coffee energy that makes me feel like I could basically interpretive dance the Odyssey by Homer and write 90 Ph.D. dissertations. It’s a mellow energy. Nice, but not the same.

I need to get over the negatives and to do that I need some strategies. Brainstorming.


About laurencleansup

I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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