High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I’ll admit I kind of annoy myself with this one, but I’m trying to cut back on HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). I know. I would be rolling my eyes at me, too, if I wasn’t me. It sounds new-agey and greenwashed and gimmicky. I also don’t want to subsist on a diet of spelt and flaxseed. That said, hear me out:

I don’t know if I buy the full-on attack on HFCS in the media, but some things I’ve been reading are well-reasoned and lead me to believe it is NOT the greatest thing for your body. That combined with my overall desire to cut back on processed, fatty, salty foods and increase my intake of fresh fruits, veggies, etc. makes me wonder if I should at least give it a try. More to the point, I get a lot freaked out by its association with insulin resistance and diabetes. My family history of Type 2 goes back three generations and has yet to skip one, so I’m a lot concerned.

However, I’m trying to keep in perspective that HFCS is basically sugar at the end of the day and that things that replace it (organic cane, raw turbinado, other fancy sounding bougie sugar pseudonyms) are sugar, too. I have a feeling that some of the studies are probably just measuring the effects of huge sugar consumption, not HFCS. However, I’m interested to see how I feel physically and energy-wise if I cut way back on HFCS.

I’ve devised the following plan:

1. Eliminate all HFCS when I have a choice (so at the grocery store, etc.)

2. Try to add more natural sugars (from fruits) to my diet to control the cravings.

The upside: I get to feel mega-virtuous buying organic-looking stuff in crunchy packaging. It makes me wanna do yoga and wheatgrass shots just thinking about it.

The downside: It makes me wanna do yoga and wheatgrass shots just thinking about it. Also: HFCS is delicious.

Day 20 and counting. Major victory: Got the organic sugar green tea and the non-HFCS salad dressing.

Major fail: That dressing is made with brown sugar.


About laurencleansup

I'm Lauren. I'm in my mid-20's, post-grad school, seeking employment, and trying to break my million bad habits. Fan of pop culture, bad music, Cleveland sports, and the internet.
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